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22rd International Ergonomics Assocaition IEA 2024

August.25 (Sun.) – 29 (Thur.), 2024 / ICC JEJU, Republic of Korea

Jeju, Korea

UNESCO Natural Heritage

World Natural Heritage ‘Jeju-Island’

About Jeju

Location : Hub of Northeast Asia close to major cities in Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan

Land : 184,90km2

Population : 673,974 (As of April.2021)

Visa : No visa entry is allowed for stays up to 30 days

for all countries except for 24 countries




678,722(As of May 2018)

Average Annual Temperature

Jeju 15.6℃

Seogwipo 16.7℃

3 CROWNS Winner of UNESCO's Triple Crowns,
World-Renowned Tourism City
Jeju, a Treasure of Natural Beauty Being Kept and Preserved by the World

As to Jeju Province, the Hallasan Mountain of 1,950m rises high highly on the island central part as the volcanic island of the oval shaped that is 41㎞

with east and west about 73㎞ and north and south. The Jeju Province made of the volcanic activity makes a boast of the volcano topography that is various and unique

as much as the whole island can be said to be 'the volcano museum'. 360 Yeo Oreum that it is big on the ground spreads.

About 160 lava tunnels are underneath scattered in the whole island with the land.

The Oreum shich is abundant in small one in this way and case where there is the cave is very globally rare.

Such value of Jeju has resulted in UNESCO Triple Crown Holder with the designation of Biosphere Reserve in 2002 as the beginning,

designation of World Natural Heritage in 2007, and Biosphere Reserve certification in 2010.

This is unprecedented in the world, and Jeju has now become a 'treasure island of environmental asset' wherein the world has to preserve.

The World's First Recipient of UNESCO's Triple Crowns in Earth Sciences

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Biosphere Reserve
World Natural Heritage


Glabal Geoparks


Culture of Jeju Haenyeo

(woman divers Inscribed)

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