22nd International Ergonomics Assocaition
Better Life Ergonomics for Future Humans 
August 25-29, 2021 ICC JEJU, Republic of Korea


Flights to Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo International Airport

Upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, passengers can either transfer to domestic flights go to Gimpo Airport, where they can take domestic flights to every destination in Korea. All visitors to the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and visa. Jeju’s visa-free access policy applies only to passengers taking direct flights to Jeju. The visa-free policy is not applicable for passengers arriving at Jeju via Incheon and/or Gimpo Airport.

Way 1) Direct Intl Flight to Jeju Int'l Airport

Flight to Jeju Int’l Airport is available from countries’ main cities: Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

Way 2) Incheon Int’I Airport → GIMPO Airport (Domestic) → Jeju Int’I Airport

Incheon Int’l Airport → Gimpo Airport (Domestic)

On arrival at Incheon Int’l Airport, take an airport limousine bus or AREX (Airport Railroad train) to Gimpo Int’l Airport (Domestic).

Time required

Incheon Int’I Airport Bus Stop Information

The airport limousine bus runs every day from 04:58 to 22:17 at 35 minute intervals.

※There are many limousines heading to Gimpo Airport.

※Terminal 1: Bus ticket booth and bus stop are on the 1F.

※Terminal 2: Bus ticket booth and bus stop are on the B1F.

Incheon Int’I Airport Railroad Train (AREX)

※The AREX runs every day from 05:30 to 23:57 at 12 minute intervals.

GIMPO Airport (Domestic) ↔ JEJU International Airport

Local Transportation ICC JEJU
By Limousine
By Taxi
 Bus No.600 (To Seogwipo City)
 PlaceBus stop outside Gate 5 of Jeju International Airport
 FareAirport to Jungmun (ICC JEJU) KRW 4,500 (about USD 4)
 Time06:20-22:00/every 18-20 min
 Duration50 min. (ICC JEJU) / 80 min. (KAL Hotel)
Service Route
Airport→Sun Hotel → Grace Hotel → Entrance to the Eomiji Botanical Garden → Hana Hotel → Hyatt Hotel → Shilla Hotel→Suites Hotel → Lotte Hotel → Hankook Condominium → KTO Jeju → Seaes Hotel  → Booyoung Hotel & Resort → International Convention Center Jeju (ICC JEJU) → World Cup Stadium → New Gyeongnam Hotel → Seogwipo Port → Paradise Hotel → KAL Hotel
 Duration40~45 min
 FareAbout KRW 30,000 (about USD 25)
224 Jungmungwangwang-ro, Seogwipo City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 697-120, Republic of Korea

Taking a long-distance to ICC JEJU from the airport taxi stand is an option.

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